Our Story

The Legend of the Jolly Genie

In the heart of the North Pole, The Jolly Genie Bar emerged from an unexpected encounter between a passionate mixologist and a mysterious old lamp discovered in the workshop of a long-forgotten elf tavern. Legend had it that the lamp housed a mischievously festive genie who specialized in granting wishes of merriment through his extraordinary mixology skills and delectable cookie creations. With a genial laugh and a wave of his magical hand, the genie transformed the once ordinary establishment into a dazzling winter wonderland. Word quickly spread of this enchanting spot, drawing elves, reindeer, and even curious travelers to experience the holiday magic that seemed to emanate from every corner of the Arctic retreat. Thus, The Jolly Genie Bar became a beloved destination, where the spirit of Christmas and the charm of the genie's whimsical wishes combined to create a truly extraordinary and festive atmosphere, featuring an array of delightful mixed cocktails and mouthwatering cookies that added an extra sprinkle of joy to the North Pole's winter nights.